Our History

ORAEX is a consulting services company in Information Technology, founded in the year 2012, specializing in delivering technological solutions to optimize the business and results of our customers.

Our focus is to understand your needs and to propose the best solutions based on our high-tech knowledge. We are a consulting company focused on innovation, and it is through much effort, commitment and quality in our deliveries that we maintain a lasting and reliable relationship with our customers.

Our company was created from an initiative of professionals, with great experience and recognition in the market; that have joined in order to provide quality services, using a differentiated work methodology. With a simple and efficient structure and a careful analysis of our professionals, we managed to obtain competitive rates to provide a service focused on the solution of our customers.

We operate throughout Brazil, headquartered in Rio de Janeiro and branch in Brasilia. In May 2015, we started our operations in Lisbon – Portugal and the following year, in Dover – USA; With the aim of meeting the various international demands, always with the focus of adding value to the projects where we participate.


Develop innovative technological solutions, guaranteeing the excellence and satisfaction of our customers.


Develop innovative solutions using high-technology, becoming a global reference in innovation, technology and efficiency.


Quality, efficiency, focus on customer results, ethics, transparency and respect for the environment.


We mean innovation. Our inborn mission is providing the best when the best is no longer enough.
We are tireless. We go to great lengths to find new ways and add value to the real needs of each of our clients.
We took over Brazil. We took over Portugal and the United States, and our vision is to turn ourselves into a standard for innovation and then take over the world.
And how are we going to do that? Following what we were born to do, that which is our very essence, that is our DNA.
Developing innovative solutions through cutting-edge knowledge and technology while maintaining simplicity, commitment and quality in our deliveries over the past 10 years has evolved into a lasting and trusting relationship with each of our clients.”

Please feel most welcome. We are ORAEX Cloud Consulting.


Since 2012 we are recognized by our customers, who counts on ORAEX expertise to perform activities of the most diverse complexities in the area of information technology. Among them we highlight:



Cloud Adoption

DevOps and Artificial Intelligence

Oracle Infrastructure



NoSQL Databases


MongoDB Licencing


RedHat Licencing


Elasticsearch Licencing


Azure and AWS Subscriptions




ORAEX Cloud Backup

Small and Medium Business