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ORAEX Cloud Backup

We live in the information age. Don’t leave your company unprotected!!! Human failures, data sequestration, cyber attacks, viruses, fires and other natural disasters can make your company simply disappear.

With ORAEX Cloud Backup you are immune to these problems and ensure the security and availability of your data, and the continuity of your business.

With OCB, your company has at its disposal:

• 500 Gb of data
• Bandwidth priority in Restore
• Multi-platform Backup (Linux and Windows)
• Incremental Backup with file versioning
• Backup data transmission with AES 256 bit encryption
• Image-Based Backup, File Backup, SQL Server & Exchange Backup.
• Data replication and structuring
• Restore to Cloud
• Backups progress and result monitoring through agent or Web Interface

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