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DevOps and Artificial Intelligence


Today a company’s IT is no longer an operating cost and has become a value generator for the business of all companies. Fast and efficient IT deliveries to the business are great competitive differentials in the market.

ORAEX works with the implementation and support of DevOps and Agile Infrastructure environments using the main methodologies and technologies of the market. We guarantee full integration from the development of the solutions to the implementation and availability for its customers and/or collaborators.

We have a highly qualified team to serve you in a support model or consultancy that guarantees agile deliveries and cost reduction in the implementation of new projects or in the evolution of existing solutions in your company.

Artificial Intelligence

Routine support and sustaining tasks for the IT environment can be easily handled with Analytics and Machine Learning, combining both consolidate all IT ecosystem learning and dramatically reduces operations costs.

ORAEX is specialized in AIOps solutions, Chatbots, among other services that deliver results from IT operations to the delivery of developments and solutions in a faster and smarter way to the business.

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