2019 has just started! ORAEX signs up with Gartner

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ORAEX has taken an important step towards the growth and restructuring of the company, signing with GARTNER a tech consulting contract for commercial restructuring, increased market share and international expansion.

In addition to the reasons described above, ORAEX will help its customers to understand the next trends in the technology market, within the specific segment in which each client acts, adding even more value in the provision of their services.

GARTNER was created in the late 1970s by Gideon Gartner. The company has been active in the field of research, consulting, events and prospecting about the IT market.

The company maintains the focus on creating knowledge that facilitates the decision-making of its 10,000 clients – who are constituted of individual executives and a large variety of companies around the world. Gartner today has more than 4,000 consultants in several countries and is headquartered in the state of Kentucky, United States.

The news does not stop there: ORAEX will join in the December 05 and 06, at New York, the largest event of Artificial Intelligence in the world, The AI Summit.

With its DNA of innovation, ORAEX takes another step ahead of the competition, always keeping a focus on the quality and agility of its service.

ORAEX2019 has just started! ORAEX signs up with Gartner

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